Targets is the main feature of SetSail’s sales management and coaching product. The tool empowers sales teams to stay focused on the activities and outcomes that matters most. RevOps leaders and sales managers can assign targets to reps, track progress in real-time, and gain instant visibility into their team’s performance.
Role: UI/UX design, Visual design, User research, Product strategy, Data visualization

Tools: Figma,

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Discovery and Research

Prior to scoping out this project, our product and design team spent several months interviewing RevOps leaders on our product advisory board. We wanted to learn about their role, their workflows, their tools, and ultimately their needs and pain points.

We discovered they already had reliable tools around sales forecasting and pipeline management, but when it came to reporting around rep behavior and real-time KPI tracking, the work was largely manual and done in Google spreadsheets.


MVP, Beta release to select customers
  • Foundational targets monitoring and visualization at the team and rep levels
  • Ability to assign, edit, and reorder targets at a team level
  • Stack ranked performance score with custom weighting
  • Clickthrough to right panel displaying more detail on target progress and account engagement

Beta Phase 2 – Prioritized features based on customer feedback
  • Custom target setting per rep
  • Bug fixes and minor UI polishing

General release – All customers
  • Historical activity data and trend visualizations
  • Empty state with product introduction on first launch


  • Targets is positioned as the new app landing page for all customers
  • Customers who were not previously using our sales management product converted into users and instrumented the tool for their teams
  • We tracked an increase in unique daily and weekly manager/ops users, as well as an increase in total sessions per day
  • Our Customer Success team saw a decrease in implementation and onboarding time because users were immediately able understand the value of the product and set it up on their own

Customer Quotes

“... you guys are going to be rich because I’ve never seen a company solve this problem with Saas. It’s always been in a spreadsheet and then they have to leave Salesforce with a report and then manipulate it in the spreadsheet.
... and [here] you have data by hovering your mouse over each one of these values, which is pretty sweet.”

– BDR manager at Chronosphere
“I love this. This is making me so happy... I’m gonna be in here every day now.”
– Director of RevOps at Demostack

“We just launched Targets to our very first customer. It went so well that Eric added their CEO [as a new user] while we were on the call. Eric was like a kid in a candy shop. We handed him the reins, let him screenshare and edit all of his targets. It seemed pretty intuitive, he navigated the page like a pro.”
– Sr Customer Success Manager, SetSail

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