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Chinatown Station Plaza
Role: Lead Designer, BIM Manager, User Research

Tools: Revit, Sketchup, Adobe CC

Chinatown Station is the only stop on SFMTA’s new Central Subway line to boast a recreational community space, a much-needed urban commodity for the statistically neglected district. An elevated plaza is a refuge from the busy streets, creating pause for both travelers and residents. The design addresses the demands of the community demographic, with deep roots in the history and culture of the neighborhood.

Site Analysis and User Research

Chinatown possesses only a fraction of the open space in comparison to other San Francisco neighborhoods. To design an effective public space for the site, it was essential to understand stakeholder needs and goals, transit statistics, and trends of both commuters and neighborhood residents. We conducted a study of local existing public spaces, immersing ourselves in the diversity of people and activities.